Villa Malatesta, a place of the soul

The Villa Malatesta project comes from the heart. Rebuilding this old country house in a place specially dedicated to events, means given it a new life! Listening to the voices, the laughs and the music during a wedding reception reminds us of the joy of the country feasts that took place in the farmyard at the time of our grandparents.

Villa Malatesta is a place of the soul. My best memories are tied to this house, The most entertaining summers, running in the meadows and making new discoveries each day. Then adolescence, afternoons with friends laughing and chatting. Today, after a few years in which work commitments have not allowed me to enjoy this special place, Villa Malatesta is reborn, returning to be a place of celebration and joy, as in the past. A place that celebrates love. Yours.”

Margherita Torroni