Sunday? We’re getting married!

Villa Malatesta is offering a new opportunity to experience the wedding of your dreams: until 10/31/2018 all free Sundays enjoy a 10% discount from the price list!
Contact us and we will be happy to give you all the information.
The offer comprises:

• Aperitif in Sala Violante
• Lunch or dinner in the Sala Ginevra
• Cutting of the cake in Sala Concordia
• Indoor space for children and a spacious outdoor playground, bright and refined spaces to host your guests

Take advantage! Call us on +39 347 4113338 or write to

Midweek dates

Do you want to get married on a week day?
Villa Malatesta offers you a dedicated price list with interesting proposals! Call us for information, the wedding of your dreams is even closer!

Weddings in winter

Villa Malatesta offers elegant rooms for your wedding reception even in winter:

  • aperitif and buffet in Violante Hall
  • lunch or dinner in the Ginevra Hall
  • cutting of the cake and wedding ball in Concordia Hall

Spacious, bright, refined spaces, to host your guests with very appealing prices until 30.12.2018.